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Z-Marine Knuckle Boom Crane 10TM - 250TM


All Z-Marine Knuckle-boom deck cranes are designed and manufactured specifically to customer specifications for marine and offshore operations. All Z-Marine Cranes are shot blasted and metalised for protection against corrosion.


Features include:

•  Hydraulic Slew Drives with an integrated motor

•  Radio Control (Optional)

•  Planetary Gearbox with a fail safe brake

•  Stainless Steel Hydraulic Piping

•  Single/Double Marine Hydraulic Cylinders for boom lifting with safety load holding valves

•  Main Boom constructed using a Box-type structure for a more inflexible  construction and low maintenance

•  Long-lasting, corrosion free stainless steel pivot pins

•  Rugged and compact hydraulic winch with a fail safe brake and load holding  valve.

•  Electric to hydraulic power packs are available to suit the designs of Z-Marine

•  Knuckle-boom Cranes; these are stand alone units piped into the hydraulic  layout of the vessel.



Z-Marine Powerblocks


Z-Marine Powerblocks are also available for Z-Marine Knuckle-boom Cranes. These are available in a wide variety of sizes and pulling power, in both V-type and Rockhopper versions.



• Straight Boom Crane: 10TM - 250TM

• Net Stacker Crane: 1.5T-8M - 6T 13M

• PB Crane: 10TM - 100TM

• Gantry Crane: 10TM - 100TM

• Lifting Devices: Special Design

Product and configuration examples:
Z-Marine Knuckle Boom Crane 10TM - 2

Z-Marine Knuckle Boom Crane 10TM - 2

Z-Marine Powerblocks

Z-Marine Powerblocks

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