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We manufacture a wide range of winches from 500kg pull upwards. All Z-Marine Cable Winches are fitted with direct-drive motors and brushless high-specification sliprings, so when the winch is turning the signal is not lost.


Z-Marine Winches are designed and manufactured to meet customer specifications. These can be manufactured up 70,000kg pull, using the Z-Marine Multi-Motor Winch Drive System with local and/or electric/radio-remote control. Auto Trawl is also available using the Scantrol Autotrawl systems.


Z-Marine Multi Motor Winch Drives


Z-Marine/SeqQuest Multi Motor Winch Drives are manufactured to suit customer requirements using a minimum of 2 Hydraulic Motors to drive the Winch. Inside a slewing ring is used for a stronger construction of the gearbox.

Z-Marine Winches

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