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We manufacture a wide range of cable winches from 500kg pull upwards. All SeaQuest Cable Winches are fitted with direct-drive motors and brushless high-specification sliprings, so when the winch is turning the signal is not lost.


SeaQuest Winches


SeaQuest Winches are designed and manufactured to meet customer specifications. These can be manufactured up 70,000kg pull, using the SeaQuest Multi-Motor Winch Drive System with local and/or electric/radio-remote control. Auto Trawl is also available using the Scantrol Autotrawl systems.


SeaQuest Multi Motor Winch Drives


SeaQuest Multi Motor Winch Drives are manufactured to suit customer requirements using a minimum of 2 Hydraulic Motors to drive the Winch. Inside a slewing ring is used for a stronger construction of the gearbox.

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